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Monday, 24 March 2014

Travel: #NewYork

Who blogs nowadays? In reality, who has the time? As they do say: time = money. As much of an advocate or a 'follower' as I am of all the 'trendier' social platforms, twitter, instagram, tumblr, pinterest - you name it; I tend to deviate back towards the 'old school' ways.

Spending the past couple of days in New York was incredible! - Loved every second of it. A little more on the bitterly cold side but this can be overlooked. It's one of those cities where you could easily be 'lost in the crowd', so to speak. But you feel it: the hunger, the drive the ambition of all New Yorkers; it's refreshing!

Countless number of restaurants and places to visit ...when in New York! At one point or another, we've all searched exactly that: Best places to visit in NYC. Undoubtedly, there are an endless 'Top-10' or 'Top-100' lists. But if this of interest to you, here are my personal recommendations from this particular trip.

1. Chelsea Markets (http://www.chelseamarket.com/) - Looking for low-key cafes/restaurants/'food-boutiques'/bakeries, then this would be your cup of tea! This is one of those 'eat till you drop' hotspots. Plenty of choice and at bargain prices.

At the time, Mexican was calling my name! - Los Tacos (lostacos1.com/‎). Quick, simple and full of flavour.- Would highly recommend: Taco Adobada (Marinated Pork Taco) and of course the Corn Tortilla instead of Flour.
 Above image - via instagram nchou_
 For all those with a sweet tooth (myself included), do stop by Doughnuttery (http://www.doughnuttery.com/) for varied bite-size sugary goodness!
Above image - via official Doughnuttery website
2. The Armory Show (https://www.thearmoryshow.com/) [March 5th - March 9th 2014]. Located on Piers 92 &94; West side of the Hudson River (Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street). Though perhaps not as internationally renown, as the Art Basel in Miami, The Armory Show is also a seasoned event. Perfect for hardcore art fanatics but also ideal for those who may choose to marvel at contemporary/modern works by new/established talents over the weekend.

Above image- via official The Armory Show website

My personal favorites from the 2014 showing include David Renggli's I love you (Blue Domino), 2014; Olivio Barbieri's Alps - Geographies and People #2, 2013; William Klein's black and white photography; and Juan Genovés' Arido, 2013.

 Above image - via instagram nchou_
Interested? Next years showing will take place from March 5th - March 8th 2015.

3. Opera Gallery (http://www.operagallery.com/) Missed The Armory Show this year? Well, fret not! - SOHO in NYC houses a number of independent gallery's, which are all very 'public-friendly'. Stumbled across the Opera Gallery and fell in love with their sculptural and contemporary renditions.

Works by David Mach and Vhils (as shown below) were simply magnificent! #redefining3dart

Above image - via instagram nchou_
4. Vosges Chocolate (http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/)- Why not enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after arting out in SOHO? Vosges Chocolate is renown for their experimental treats. Hot Chocolate with chipotle; curry powdered truffles; bacon chocolate bars...these exotic flavors will definitely change your chocolate palette for the better! 

Above image - via instagram nchou_
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